Live television interview of the CEO of Danesh Banyan Nourgir Smart Solar Company on the program of One Sima network. In this interview, the function and operation of solar skylights were explained. The managing director of Novin Efoq company, which provides Roshana smart solar light products, appeared on the live program of Iran Today, in the evening of August 30, 1402, by attending the Saba Jam Jam studio. This program is broadcasted live on One Sima channel. This social program narrates the progress of our country in various fields. . The managing director of the company, Mr. Engineers Faizi, answered the questions of the esteemed host of the program, Mr. Khosravi, about Roshana’s smart solar light. You can see the question and answer video of the manager of Noorgir Smart Roshana in the TV show on this page. At the beginning of the program, the clip introducing the smart solar lightening product was aired on the One Sima network.  
    In this program, Mr. Engineer Faizi first introduced the bright mirror skylight and explained how it works. Then some points were made about the service and support of the system. After that, the costs of implementing the reflective lighting system were discussed, and after that, the completed projects were discussed. System usage was another topic of this program. The benefits of using this product and applying this technology in other cases was another part of this conversation. See the description of the system’s performance in the interview of the CEO of the smart skylight on TV You can watch this interview in Aparat through the link below.

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