Roshana Smart Daylight System

Bright solar smart skylight It is a knowledge-based system that tracks the sunlight during the day, usually through skylights (patio) and with smart mirrors to places that are deprived of direct sunlight during the day (such as the lower floors of buildings and northern rooms, staircases). , basement, pools, etc.).

Installing smart mirrors to reflect sunlight will significantly increase natural light in the northern units of the building.

The current system is a combination of advanced mechanical, electronic, optical and control systems designed and localized by the capable youth of our country.

Using Roshana’s smart solar skylight, in addition to the relaxing effects of natural light, can minimize the consumption of electrical energy during the day, and therefore has many economic benefits in the long term.

Roshana solar lights can be used together with ceiling or bubble lights. This product is also known in the market as Sunflower Solar Mirror, Khurshid Shamal Company and Khurshid Tabagi.

In the projects section, you can see the implemented projects of Noorgir Roshana in Tehran, Isfahan and other cities.

Roshana smart solar light is one of the products of Danesh Bianyan Novin Efoq. Novin Afog is the first and only producer of the largest sunlight transmission system in Iran.

The smart solar light has been registered in Iran’s Intellectual Property Center and any copying of its logo, logo, industrial design and idea is subject to legal action.

Roshana 110 model solar smart light
Metro station - transmission of sunlight - smart mirror reflecting sunlight

History of smart skylight


The history of the first use of this type of system dates back to the 18th century. With the development of electronic systems in recent years, the use of these systems has been developed in western countries.

For more information about the Roshana smart solar light, refer to the frequently asked questions section.

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