Solar tubes transmitting natural light are considered as one of the lighting equipments required for different environments in the building. Natural sunlight reaches parts of the building that do not benefit from this blessing using light transmission tubes. It means the rooms, corridors, staircases, storerooms and basements of the building that are not exposed to natural sunlight. These parts are well lit using this technology. Without requiring different types of artificial lights, which are generally expensive and harmful.

چرا لوله‌های خورشیدی انتقال دهنده نور طبیعی مفید هستند؟

Why are solar tubes useful for transmitting natural light?

The reason why the title of blessing was used for solar tubes that transmit natural light is the many advantages of using this equipment. These advantages are not limited to saving energy and significantly reducing costs. One of the most valuable advantages of using solar light tubes is the health of building residents. Artificial lights leave many negative effects on people’s mental and physical health. If the solar tubes that transmit natural light simply replace the artificial light with harmless sunlight. By doing this, the spirit of people recovers its freshness and vitality. In addition, they get a sense of pleasantness due to benefiting from the sunlight.

What are the parts of solar tubes?

Solar tubes have the following 3 parts:

Solar tube dome

This part has two tasks: 1) absorbing sunlight and transferring it into the solar tube 2) preventing dust from entering the solar tube system that transmits natural light

solar tube

The solar tube transmits the absorbed light to the dark places of the building. The inside of these hollow tubes is coated with anodized aluminum or anodized aluminum for proper light reflection. This action is to increase the amount of light reflection by 95%.

Light diffuser

This part is located at the end of the solar tubes. The light diffuser distributes all the light directed through the tubes in a completely uniform manner in the environment. In this way, the space is naturally and properly lit.

بهترین جانشین برای لوله های خورشیدی انتقال دهنده نور طبیعی

The best substitute for solar tubes transmitting natural light

Today, the modern technology of sunlight transmission mirrors are considered the best alternative to solar tubes that transmit natural light. This advanced natural light transmission system is available for those who are interested in it as a sunflower mirror system or a smart solar skylight. The operation of this smart light fixture is performed in the following two steps:

Sunlight tracking

The smart solar light tracks the light of the sun. This is why it makes the most of the use of light that is available during the day.

Transmission of sunlight

In this solar skylight system, the work that the solar tubes used to transmit natural light was done by the smart mirrors. In fact, the transmission of the tracked light to the dark parts of the building is done through the optical duct and these mirrors. The sunflower solar smart skylight can rotate like a sunflower during the day and direct the sunlight to the dark parts of your building. For consultation or purchase of this system, you can contact Roshana through the contact us link.

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