Skylights are used inside large buildings that may be dark or have no air conditioning and are used to ventilate the air and brighten the space. Glass blocks are usually used in skylights to increase the reflection of light in the building. Skylights are used to reduce the use of electric lighting and allow us to have a view from inside the building to the outside.

The history of the spotlight

The history of the use of skylight goes back to the ancient civilization in Egypt and in the palace of Knossos related to Akritus, the ancient civilization of the Bronze Age on the island of Crete. There are also examples of skylights from ancient times that were built by the Romans. The roof skylight or roof window transmits light. These skylights form all or part of the roof space of the building for the purpose of illumination.

Openable skylights are very suitable for air conditioning and providing natural light from the ceiling. The samples that are available in the market can be controlled in terms of opening and closing and have proper insulation. Examples of roof hatches that open and close with a spring can be controlled by a chain, but openings that open and close on a toothed rail are more efficient. Openings that are double-paned have many features, including being indifferent to wind direction. In areas with strong wind and rain, it is better to keep the opening away from the weather. The openings that are placed above the bathroom and kitchen create a suitable space for draining the humid air of these places. The amount of air flowing from the roof depends on the direction, wind speed, pressure change and temperature difference inside and outside. Cool air sometimes flows through the same duct where light enters the space, but more often it is warm air that finds its way out. These skylights were used in the old Roman architectural style, such as the round shrine window. Glazed closed skylights have been used since the Industrial Revolution, which brought about improvements in glass manufacturing. Mass production of prefabricated units since the mid-twentieth century has made skylights suitable for many applications and contexts. Energy conservation has motivated new, innovative design, transfer options and classification systems for greater efficiency of roof vents.

Source: Wikipedia

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