Bright solar smart light booth in Isfahan building exhibition 1402

The presence of sunflower solar system in Isfahan international building exhibition


Isfahan International Exhibition of Construction Industry, which in a way can be said to be one of the oldest specialized exhibitions in Isfahan, was held this year from October 18 to 21 at the permanent location of Isfahan International Exhibitions. This exhibition is a gathering place for manufacturers, investors and those interested in the construction industry in the center and south of the country.

Isfahan International Construction Industry Exhibition had sections such as contracting and mass production, intelligentization, building materials, facilities, design and supervision, architecture and interior decoration, construction equipment and machinery.

Most of the specialized participants of the construction industry exhibition were the supervising engineers of the engineering system, project engineers, architects and contractors and other active members of the construction industry.

This year’s exhibition was held in an area of about 15,000 square meters in the permanent location of Isfahan International Exhibitions.

Danesh Banyan Novin Efoq company hosted the visitors of the construction industry exhibition with its smart solar lighting product in Hall D, booth 117 of the 26th Isfahan International Construction Industry Exhibition. The Noor Aine Roshan booth was welcomed by the visitors and meetings were held with some construction industry activists, including mass builders, activists in the field of facilities, and building automation companies in order to cooperate with them.

If you have the problem of lack of light in your building, but you missed the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, you can contact our experts to get the necessary guidance to direct natural sunlight to your low-light units.


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