According to the public relations report of Roshana Smart Solar Light, the 6th Sustainable Building Exhibition and Conference is organized by the Deputy of Urban Development and Architecture of Tehran Municipality and in cooperation with Sama Media Group, with the aim of raising the level of community awareness in the field of sustainable building, facades and compliance with safety-related issues. In the buildings, from the 9th to the 11th of December 1401, with the presence of Nurgir Houshman Roshana, a conversation was held at the Bostan Exhibition Complex, Tehran Municipality.

While attending this exhibition, Roshana’s smart solar light fixture displayed its products in the company’s booth.

Wide acceptance of the solar skylight booth

The system for transmitting sunlight to northern buildings, which was exhibited in this exhibition, was widely welcomed by the attendees. The honorable Deputy of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tehran Municipality, the head of Architecture Department of Tehran Municipality, mayors of different regions of Tehran and members of Tehran Islamic Council were among the visitors of this exhibition.

Also, architects, builders, prominent professors of architecture and students of related fields were also among the welcomers of this exhibition.

The sustainable building exhibition and conference focuses on topics such as the introduction and analysis of sustainable buildings implemented in Iran, design and implementation considerations in the production of sustainable buildings, construction waste management, demolition and exploitation, examination of building materials and technologies and their place in sustainable architecture. The solutions and incentives of municipalities and interested organizations for the implementation of sustainable buildings, supervision regulations in facade design and construction, facade and climate, facade maintenance, building facade pathology, facade standard building materials, Islamic architecture, urban heritage and development sustainable, interior design, the role of the facade in optimizing energy consumption, the identity and aesthetic aspects of the facade, the executive requirements of the facade in order to comply with safety, the place of safety in the branding of designers and builders, new technologies and equipment, safety in construction, safety in projects high-rise, massification and the national housing movement, safety in the operation of commercial, office, residential complexes and public and religious places, the safety of the Tehran Grand Bazaar, the safety of abandoned pits, the use of international experiences in construction safety, safe It emphasizes the construction of existing buildings with practical solutions.

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