According to the public relations report of Novin Ofoq Company, the live program of Iran today on Monday, August 30, 1402 is hosted by Mr. Masoud Faizi, CEO of Danesh Banyan, Novin Ofoq Company. Today, Saturday to Wednesday, Iran’s live program will be aired live on Ik Sima channel with the performance of Mr. Khosravi.

مدیرعامل شرکت دانش بنیان نورگیر خورشیدی
In this program, Mr. Masoud Faizi will explain the process of forming the idea of a smart solar skylight and the mechanism of sunlight transmission to dimly lit buildings.

What is Roshana smart solar light?

Roshana smart solar skylight consists of at least two mirror panels. One of these panels intercepts the sunlight during the day with the help of two motors, sensors and programming and transmits the pleasant light to the second mirror above the skylight. The second mirror also directs the light to the lower floors of the building.

طرح تابش آفتاب از طریق نورگیر میانی ساختمان به اتاق های تاریک طبقات

The design of sunlight through the middle skylight of the building to the dark rooms of the floors – the design of Roshana smart skylight – light reflecting mirrors – Isfahan It is known as the first and largest system for intercepting and transmitting sunlight to low-light buildings. This system is also known as mirror skylight, in which mirrors or mirror-shaped panels are used to transmit sunlight to the lower floors of buildings. Mirror skylights rotate like sunflowers during the day and transmit sunlight to the lower floors of buildings, staircases, swimming pools, etc.
خرید و سفارش نورگیر هوشمند خورشیدی روشنا
The picture of one of the bright mirror skylight projects with three rotating solar system devices Roshana solar skylight is known as the first and largest system for transmitting sunlight to dimly lit buildings and is the only holder of approval from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center in the field of sunlight transmission systems. For more information about solar lighting products, please refer to the products section of the website. To order the smart solar light product, you can visit our contact section or call 09031237669 or send us your request on social networks (Ita and WhatsApp).

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