Sunlight is the best source of natural light, the use of which has a direct impact on people’s health. Sunlight causes the release of the hormone serotonin, which leads to increased happiness and increased sleep quality. People who are exposed to sunlight are more optimistic and have more mental energy to carry out daily activities. With the expansion of urbanization and the increase of floors in buildings, lighting the lower floors in buildings has become a problem. In the way that in buildings with more than three floors, it is difficult to reach the sunlight to the lower floors even with skylights.

To solve this problem, there are different solutions, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Using smart solar lighting systems is a suitable solution for this problem. The bright mirror skylight is installed on the roof and by intercepting the sunlight, it reflects the light to the lower floors of the building through the skylight.

In this article, we are going to examine the advantages of multi-mirror smart solar lighting system (Roshna 110) compared to single-mirror systems (Roshna 220):

What is the intelligent multi-mirror solar light capturing system?

In addition to the smart mirror panel, the multi-mirror smart solar light capture system has one or two fixed panels. The smart mirror panel intercepts the sunlight during the day using a two-axis smart system and reflects it to the fixed mirrors, and the fixed mirrors transmit the sunlight to the lower floors of the building.

سیستم چند آینه ای روشنا جهت انتقال نور خورشید به فضاهای کم نور ساختمانشکل 1 نورگیر دو آینه ای روشنا

The advantages of the multi-mirror intelligent solar lighting system:
The advantages of multi-mirror solar skylights compared to similar systems include more freedom of action in intercepting sunlight, larger mirror dimensions, online feedback system, etc., which we will describe below:

a. More freedom of action in capturing sunlight in multi-mirror systems than in single-mirror systems:

Roshana 110 (multi-mirror) intelligent solar lighting system is able to detect sunlight in different situations by using a moving smart mirror. The sun moves in the west-east and altitude direction during the day and in different seasons. Therefore, the sunlight tracking system must be able to capture and transmit sunlight in different positions. This makes the system send sunlight into the skylight almost from the beginning of the morning until sunset.

In the multi-mirror system, the movable mirror can freely rotate at different angles and transmit sunlight. In the single mirror system, the only existing mirror performs the operation of intercepting the sunlight (above) and transmitting the sunlight downward at the same time. This requires that the angle of this mirror is always towards the downlighter so that it can transmit light to the lower floors. For example, the higher the sun is on the horizon, the less light transmitted to the lower floors. In this way, in the single-mirror system, the maximum performance is in the autumn and winter seasons and at the beginning and end of the day, and at many times of the day and the first six months of the year, the volume of light transmission is at the minimum possible due to the height of the sun.

This is despite the fact that in the multi-mirror system, there is no specific limit in the light transmitted down, and the light transmitted during the day and in different seasons has an almost constant ratio and size. This issue is one of the most important advantages of bright mirror reflectors compared to similar products. In the single mirror system, due to the issue mentioned above, the reflected light is on average less than half the height of the mirror panel. That is, if in the Roshana 110 system with a one-meter movable panel, one meter of light is transferred down, this matter is less than 50 centimeters in Roshana 220 and similar systems.

سیستم آینه خورشیدی جایگزین لوله خورشیدی انعکاس نور آفتاب به طبقات پایین آپارتمان هاشکل2 سیستم آینه خورشیدی جایگزین لوله خورشیدی انعکاس نور آفتاب به طبقات پایین آپارتمان هاب

B. Dimensions of larger mirrors:

Another advantage of the multi-mirror solar skylight (Roshana 110) is the use of mirrors with larger dimensions and more exposure than other systems. As a result, more light is transmitted to the dark spaces of the building and more brightness is transmitted to the lower units.

J. Has an online feedback system (online feedback)
The Roshana 110 system uses optical sensors to detect sunlight online, and by using a feedback system, it checks the movement of the moving mirror at any moment and corrects the movement of the mirror panel if needed. Unlike similar systems, the online feedback system also performs well in case of power outage, battery failure, date settings, etc., and does not have any special dependence on this equipment.

d. More exposure time of the multi-mirror system than the single-mirror system:
Thanks to the smart mirror, the Roshana system sends sunlight into the skylight almost from the beginning of the morning until the sunset.
e. Cloud state detection algorithm:
As the weather becomes cloudy and the sunlight decreases, the installed intelligent optical sensor puts the system in a cloudy state.

And. The possibility of transmitting light to several floors of the building by installing a system (covering the number of floors in the Roshana 220 system):
Due to the larger dimensions of the light reflected from the multi-mirror system, dark rooms on several floors can be illuminated simultaneously by the light reflected into the skylight and directing it on the row of windows inside the skylight.
Z. More energy saving:
Due to the fact that in some buildings with skylights, residents need to use lamps to light up the rooms during the day, with the increase in the number of hours of light transmission inside the building, the need to use lights during the day is greatly reduced and energy consumption is reduced. it is decreasing.

H. more economical (by purchasing a system, you get up to three times the light)
i. Optimal design to withstand wind up to 100 km/h
Y. Cover resistant to wind, rain and…
Multi-mirror intelligent solar light capturing system is a suitable option for converting low-light units of the building into high-light units. The use of this system, in addition to increasing the rial value of the building units, also helps to increase the mental health of the people living in the building.
For more information about the Roshana smart solar light product, refer to the product specification section or contact our experts.

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