On the sidelines of the Tehran construction industry exhibition, Mr. Naqvi, Sada and Sima news agency reporter, gave an interview to the members of Danesh Banyan Novin Ofoq Company about the introduction of the smart solar skylight product.

Broadcasting the report of Roshana’s smart solar skylight

This interview was broadcasted on Channel One and Khabar news channels at 14:00 and 21:00.

In this interview, the smart solar skylight product used for lighting high-rise buildings has been examined.

How the smart shutter works

This smart equipment is designed and produced with the aim of bringing sunlight to the lower floors of the building. Sunlight is transmitted to the lower floors of the building with the help of mirror panels. Smart skylights illuminate buildings with a height of 50 meters. A team of mechanical, electronic and computer engineers have created this technology. This technology has been patented and has obtained a knowledge base certificate. To view this report, you can refer to the page of Noorgir Solar Apparatus or the website of the Sed and Cima news agency or the Khabar network.

For more information about skylight lighting equipment, Roshana smart solar skylight, you can refer to the product page or contact us.

To view the main text of Noorgir Smart’s report, refer to this link on the website of the Sada and Sima news agency.

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