A case study of biomimic office building in Zurich

Nature is considered as an endless source of inspiration and learning in order to make artefacts. Centuries have passed for the elements in nature to adapt to the conditions and make the best use of the surrounding environment. One of the most important topics in nature, plants and animals have to change themselves in the best way to use it; The category is light and its use. For this purpose, animals and plants have found different and creative measures to use natural light, which investigation can solve the problems in the field of architecture as well as urban planning. In this article, an attempt has been made to investigate the strategies available in nature to use natural light with a descriptive-analytical research method as well as with an excavating sample. Therefore, the mechanism of animals and plants that use daylight in different regions in special ways and the natural strategies available in them are examined to answer the following questions: 1. What are nature’s solutions for optimal use of sunlight? 2. How can these solutions be manifested in architecture? A deeper look at the layers of imitating nature shows that only superficial imitation does not work, and in order to understand the secrets of nature’s stability, one must pay attention to its governing principles and rules.

You can download the full article on this topic from here. PDF file Source: Mohammad Didehban et al., International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning of Contemporary Iran

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