Isfahan International Exhibition of Construction Industry will be held from October 18 to October 21, 1402 at the permanent location of Isfahan International Exhibitions.

Isfahan International Construction Industry Exhibition is held with the aim of providing construction products and equipment to construction industry companies and activists.

Stylization and retrofitting, covering and facade, intelligentization, primary materials, energy optimization and electrical equipment are among the important industries that will be present at this year’s exhibition.

Knowledge-based companies are also active in various construction industries and will be present at this exhibition to present their knowledge-based products.

Noorgir Smart Solar Roshana company will also be present this year to present its products and capabilities in hall D, booth 117 of the exhibition.

Roshana operates as the first and largest provider of solar light transmission system to low-light building units, which is also known as solar mirrors.

Read here to learn about Roshana smart solar light. For more information about the types of lighting products of Roshana, refer to the products page.

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