Central News Unit: Iranian researchers succeeded in building an automatic exposure system for northern buildings. The project researcher, in an interview with our reporter, called one of the problems in the buildings whose windows and skylights are facing the north, the deprivation of direct sunlight and the resulting complications in health. He considered saving energy consumption as one of the advantages of this plan and said: In this plan, a type of automatic reflector has been designed which, in harmony with the movement of the sun, shines the sunlight to a predetermined point. He added: This point can be a skylight, a window or the roof of a staircase with holes, so that in these places, instead of oblique or indirect light, direct radiation will be done. He mentioned the installation location of the reflector on the roof, the edges of the building, nearby buildings or on top of long poles and said: The device that is placed in this reflector automatically adapts to the sun’s rays in any situation. .

This researcher added: This system can be considered both for built buildings and in the building design stage. According to this report, the automatic adjustment part of this system consists of 3 motors and 3 gearboxes, sensors and control circuits that detect the direction of the sun at the same time as the sun rises and continue moving on its path until the sunset.
According to the designer of the automatic exposure system, the mirror of this device should be adjusted and installed based on the specifications of each residential unit.


The text published in Farda News

The text published in Hamshahri newspaper (Hamshahri online)

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