Danesh Banian Novin Efoq is known as the designer and manufacturer of the first and largest intelligent skylight system for high-rise buildings. This company has been able to design the Roshana smart solar light product. Also, localize according to the needs of high-rise buildings in Iran. The news report about the smart light fixture in the Belted building has been continuously broadcasted in various news sections of the Khabar Sima network and Sed and Radio news on channels 1 and 6.
نورگیر هوشمند روشنا ساختمان بلند مرتبه مصاحبه مدیرعامل
The smart skylight is installed on the roof of high-rise buildings and by tracking the sunlight, it directs the light to the lower floors of the building with the help of mirror panels. This product has attracted the attention of architects and builders in Tehran and other cities. This product rotates like a sunflower during the day and directs sunlight to the lower floors of the building, lighting the units and reducing energy consumption, etc. You can click on this link to get more information and to order the product of smart mirror solar light.

بدون دیدگاه

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