According to the public relations announcement of Novin Efogh Group, Roshana sunlight transmission products, due to the level and complexity of the technology, have succeeded in receiving knowledge-based approval from the working group for the evaluation of companies and knowledge-based institutions under the presidential vice president’s science and technology group. This approval has been given to both sunlight reflection systems of this collection.

As the first manufacturer of the Sunlight transmission system to the low light units of the building, Novin Efogh Group has launched the sunflower product (Roshana 110) using advanced technology of tracking and reflecting sunlight. This product can transmit the maximum amount of sunlight to the dimly lit units of the building due to the native design based on the needs of Iranian buildings.

Also, the other product of this collection named Roshana 220, as a small and economical solar product, can transmit sunlight into dimly lit buildings such as northern units. Roshana light transmission systems have been installed in various buildings in Isfahan, Tehran, etc. and have been welcomed by builders. For information about other smart solar lighting products or the specifications of Roshana lighting products, refer to this link.

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